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For anyone that is reading this and doesn’t already know me… I am flattered. I’m 95% sure my family and friends are my main audience. In that case, if they are the only ones reading this… I’m flattered. By chance, if you are not related to me, it’s important for you to know a little bit about me. I promise— it will help put my content into perspective.


I didn’t really start traveling until I was an adult. Prior to college almost all of my traveling experiences were to visit relatives in the southeast of the United States.  In college, I did a semester abroad… Changed my life. I was bitten by the travel bug, and I have unabashedly traveled as near and far as I can ever since.



'Pella the pilgrim' is a journey of self-discovery as much as it is about seeing different sights. I'm not to "do it for the Gram". Every photo will not be picture perfect and envy inducing. There will be photo fails, there will be bad angles and lighting, because the stranger I asked to take the photo doesn't care about my best side. Every post will not be "how I'm living my best life". Now, I won't lie. Traveling has more ups than downs but sometimes my means of transportation will be the 'Struggle Bus'.


In this blog, I want to show another version of how traveling(or anything really) is possible. I believe that everyone has a purpose and happiness is found in realizing it. Just like many others, I tried the corporate world and decided it wasn't for me. So when I asked my self what I really wanted to do... it was travel. I truly believe it is helping to grow me into my full potential. I want everyone to experience that. If it is via traveling, then wonderful. However, if you are a homebody who likes the certainty of home, that's great too!



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My Mission:

To share my knowledge and experiences with others to encourage others to pursue their passions and desires.

My Vision:

A world full of more empowered and connected people. 

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