New Season, New 'Journ-e's: An Introduction.

Welcome Pilgrims, Happy September Equinox! For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, it is autumn a time of harvest. It's time to reap the benefits of your labor. For those of you in the Southern hemisphere, spring is here, a time of new beginnings. Which ever season you are in, I hope that you make the most of it. While I've been away, I celebrated a birthday. Another year older and (hopefully) wiser. Historically, I'm not the best at planning my own birthday festivities. I'm not especially known for the turn up, and vacation approval used to be hard to come by (as most Americans know). It's doubly a shame, as my birthday often falls on Labor Day weekend back home. This year, I turned a

Journ-e : Great Ocean Road and Victoria

Welcome pilgrims, I've been very fortunate to have met some great friends in Australia who have brought me in the fold of everyday Melbourne lifestyle. Most days I feel like a local. I have regular hangouts, favorite grocery stores, game nights. As much as I want to deny it...ultimately I'm a tourist and sometimes I got to do touristy things with other tourists. I wanted someone to share in the merriment of seeing a kangaroo for the first time (old news to the Aussies). I wanted someone to be as indignant as me when the weather changes on a dime (Aussie gear is practically waterproof). New Zealand was a great time of reflection. I appreciate my solo travel experience. New Zealand, however is

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