Journ-E Healesville and Melbourne

Hello Pilgrims, I'm glad your roads you here! It's the bounce back from Sydney. In the sage words of Craig's dad in Friday. 'You win some you lose some, but you live to see another day. RIP John Witherspoon. Now the Great Australian adventure is coming to a close. To reflect on the journey: Great Ocean Road Beautiful and scenic. Australia has some crazy weather. Cairns- Queensland Conquered a fear. Whoop Whoop! Byron Bay. I thought I was a hippie, but nah. Sydney Let's not go there...(literally). Now we return to Melbourne and Greater Victoria. We visited Healesville Sanctuary. I honestly think it's one of the best zoos I've been to. There were more enclosures than cages. In the kangaroo exh

Journ-E: Sydney for a day

Hey pilgrims, I'm glad you're still here. We are almost done with the Great Australian Road Trip. Camille's days in Australia are coming to an end. It's crunch time. We have done Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and Byron Bay. We didn't have a lot of time, but we thought we could squeeze Sydney in. We had two nights and one day. The plan was to land Tuesday evening have dinner with my friend Ela (pronounced 'Ella') who lives there. Wake up early Wednesday go see the highlights of Sydney: Hyde Park, Royal Botanic Gardens, the Sydney Opera House etc. Then, in the evening we would go see a Bruno Major show (more on that later). All before zipping out

Journ-E: Byron Bay

Byron Bay. After Cairns, we took a jaunt down to Byron Bay the Eastern most point of mainland Australia. I've heard about Byron Bay since I arrived here last April. It's touted as one of the best surfin destinations in the world. Everyone I came across described it as ' a cute little hippie town'. Apparently, Chris Hemsworth and his family live there and the tabloids claim that he is trying to get his buddy Matt Damon to settle in the area as well. With that in mind, I thought that Byron Bay would be similar to Malibu. Erm... Deep down, I thought I was a hippie, but nah. That's not me. I did like Byron visit. The town is full of transients like myself. Backpackers who want to take a

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