Mornington Peninsula

***Disclaimer: this blog is very punny, proceed with caution. Hello Pilgrims, Funny seeing you here... Just kidding welcome back. My time is winding down in Melbourne. I have been creating a to do list of things to do before I leave. There is no way to take advantage of everything that Australia has to offer, in just a year but I can do the highlights. About an hour outside of Melbourne is Mornington Peninsula. Mornington is a region with a lot of beaches and it is a favorite holiday destination for Melbournians. My friends and I took a day trip to Mornington Peninsula. In Australia, to be eligible for a second visa in Australia, I could do similar farm work for about three months. Due in pa

Book Review: Becoming

Title: Becoming Author: Michelle Obama Genre: Autobiography/Non-Fiction First of all, Michelle Obama is one of my she-roes. She is on my vision wall. A goal of mine is to be invited to a dinner with her and 'Barry' (my keyboard to God's ears). In the interim, this book is a nice substitute. My take away: As stated before,Mrs. Obama is a hero of mine and every hero has an origin story. Becoming is an insightful look back that the dots of her life. Things that, in the moment, she didn't know would shape and prepare her for her future. Things like being childhood friends with Santita Jackson, daughter of Jesse Jackson. How she met Valerie Jared and Barack Obama. The book is not a salacious tel

Australian Open

Hello Pilgrims, So if you follow my Instagram stories, I'm sure you know that I recently had the awesome opportunity to attend my first professional tennis tournament, the Australian Open. Shortly after I arrived to Melbourne, I began to look up things to do in the city. Unlike New Zealand, I decided to stay in one city for the duration of my visa. Australia is a much bigger country and to try and see it all in a year would be... a lot. The Australian Open, hadn't factored in to my decision to live in Melbourne, but it seems kismet. When I was younger, my grandmother and I would watch tennis together. She loved and played the game herself. Although, I never pursued it, I still appreciate the

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