Why Mexican Weddings Might be my Favorite Kind

Hello Pilgrims, Since 2020 has put a halt to my travels, I thought now would be the optimal time to revisit some of my favorite trips of adventures past. I met Magda and her sister Marcela in during my first international trip to Austria. As with most of the friends I made during that time, we have kept in touch since then. When we did our catch-up calls, we would often say “We need to visit each other”. The opportunity arose when Magda’s wonderful boyfriend Alejandro became her wonderful fiancé Alejandro. She invited me to come to Mexico to witness him become her wonderful husband Alejandro. Since I was flying in from out of the country, I flew in a week before the wedding to hang out with

Why the Children Aren’t Our Future.

No offense to Whitney Houston, but I don’t agree with the line from her classic song. We've all heard the Greatest Love of all at almost every childhood rite of passage. It's a great message. I definitely think we should show them their inner beauty and yada yada yada, but I think the line " the children are our future' is a little problematic. Here’s why: Besides the fact that with climate change there may not be much of a future for the younger generation, I think that we do the youth a disservice by telling them their power lies in the future. My twenties are coming to a close and I never had that Eureka moment, where I felt like an adult. I went through the motions. Celebrated the big

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