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Monterrey, MX Inspired Guacamole Recipe

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A while back, I was invited to a wedding of my friend, Magda, who lived Mexico. I arrived early to Mexico to hang out with her and her sister Marcela, with whom I was also friends. The week there was amazing (have you seen the mariachi photos?!). Her entire family was wonderful and I had locals there to show me around.

Other than my amazing memories of that week, one of my greatest take-aways is my go-to guacamole recipe. Don't maim me when I say this, but prior to that trip... I wasn't the biggest guacamole. I would go so far as to say I didn't like avocados. That all changed after Magda and her family took me to a dinner club.

I'm not sure if you can call it guacamole, or if it's more of a salsa. All I know is that it's inspired by some guac I had while visiting my friends in Nuevo Leon, Mexico and it's delicious.


1 firm Avocado - diced

2 Medium Tomatoes

1 teaspoon Cilantro (aka Coriander)

1 medium Red Onion

1 c. Whole Kernel Corn (canned or frozen)

8 oz | 250 g Black beans

1 Lime

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Clove (1/2 Tsp) Minced Garlic


8 oz Fried pork belly (or Oven baked bacon) Chopped


1. Drain can of Black beans. Rinse and place on a paper towel to dry.

2. Peel the outter layer of the onion. Dice to desired size.

3. Slice the tomatoes in half. Remove the seeds. Dice to desired size.

4. Defrost or Drain corn.

5. Slice Avocado in half. Remove the pit. Dice into desired amount.

6. Combine above ingredients in the serving bowl.

7. Add Cilantro

8. Optional Add minced garlic

9. Add Salt and Pepper

10. Squeeze Lime over the the bowl.

11. Optional Add Chicharrones or Bacon

12. Toss Lightly

13. Serve with corn tortilla chips.


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