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I'm Reclaiming My Year. #2020ReFocus

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Hello Pilgrims,

Some of you make know that every year around my birthday I celebrate my own personal New Year. I use it as an opportunity to reflect on the past year as well as make resolutions for the upcoming year. I ask myself the hard questions.

Because 2020 has been a doozy, I have really had to ask myself what I want. The plans I made last year were out the window. I have felt behind the eight-ball all year. At times, I felt very overwhelmed. I want to reclaim my year.

And because who doesn't love irony, I've decided that 20/20 would be a great theme.

I've employed these techniques over my twenties. They have each been a hero to me at one time or another during my 'learning to adult' years. Just like the Avengers against Thanos, It's time to Assemble all of these tactics to combat all that 2020 is.

If you are like me and you want to take back 2020, I'm inviting you to do this with me. It doesn't even have to be your birthday, though, I'm sure that Virgos will find this especially timely. I you want to follow my journey, I will be posting video updates on YouTube every Sunday beginning August 30th,2020. If you want to join the journey and use the techniques with me, sign-up for the mailing list for access to exclusive content and tools that you can personalize for yourself.

The challenge begins August 30, 2020

Usually, I only take a week or two to decide what my goals and objectives are for the upcoming year. I'm delving deeper this year for several reasons. 1) It's a landmark birthday (oh my god, does 30 really follow 29?!) 2) 2020 has really shaken my everything I thought I knew. 3) I'm at a crossroads and am planning farther in the future than just the next twelve months. Due to all of these things, I am pacing myself to run this challenge in 12 weeks.

The challenge begins August 30, 2020 and should run through November 22nd. Perfect timing. Hopefully by that time, you and I will be firing on all pistons for the real New Year. (No pressure, but pressure). If you want to make a change and you don't want to do it alone... this is perfect for you If you have a friend that wants to make a change and doesn't know where to begin... this is for them (go ahead and send them the link).

Buckle up Pilgrims,



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