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Journ-E Healesville and Melbourne

Hello Pilgrims,

I'm glad your roads you here! It's the bounce back from Sydney. In the sage words of Craig's dad in Friday. 'You win some you lose some, but you live to see another day.

RIP John Witherspoon.

Now the Great Australian adventure is coming to a close. To reflect on the journey:

Great Ocean Road

Beautiful and scenic. Australia has some crazy weather.

Cairns- Queensland

Conquered a fear. Whoop Whoop!

Byron Bay.

I thought I was a hippie, but nah.


Let's not go there...(literally).

Now we return to Melbourne and Greater Victoria.

We visited Healesville Sanctuary. I honestly think it's one of the best zoos I've been to. There were more enclosures than cages. In the kangaroo exhibit the kangaroos bounced freely around the single rope barrier.

I saw Tasmanian Devils and they are so cute! the little growling noise they make is adorable.

We even saw a bird show.

We visited the Royal Botanic Gardens for an Aboriginal heritage walk. We walked through the gardens. The guide explained that he was from the Queensland area and was not apart of the local tribes. He showed us several species of Australian plants and trees and he discussed the The guide asked us not to take photos so I respected that. At the end however we did take a group photo. Though there are hundreds of distinctions between the various Aboriginal tribes, there is a flag to represent them all.

The Aboriginal Flag are as follows:

Yellow is the sun. Black is representative of the aboriginal people. The red represents the land.

I've learned a small amount about the aboriginal cultures in Australia. It is vastly different from the Maori culture in New Zealand. Te Reo Maori is spoken all over New Zealand while there are 250 Aboriginal languages with even more dialects.

We went to the Galleries of Victoria.

Melbourne has a host of free exhibits, gardens and museums. Melbourne is definitely a chill city. The food here is amazing! If coffee and beer are your things, there are a bunch of hang outs. There was also a KAWS exhibit that I checked out.

Melbourne is known for encouraging artists. There are murals and street are all across the city. There are cool shops, restaurants, and bars all across the city. The inner suburbs each have their own style so there is a lot to explore.

Since Melbourne is my base, there is a lot about the city that I am exploring. Melbourne has many events and Soon I will be attending the Australian open. I visited the different exhibits at the museums. As my year in Melbourne winds down, I can really see why it has topped the list of 'Most Livable cities in the world'.

Until next time pilgrims,



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