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Review and Refocus Part I

Welcome back pilgrims this episode is a continuation of Review and Refocus.

We started this challenge six weeks ago, Isn't that crazy?


Let’s break that down. RE-View. Let’s look again. What do we see? After 6 weeks, let’s look with new eyes at what we want. To many of us, 'Review' means to go over what we have done. That first connotation is what we will be doing this week.

How has your progress been going? Let’s take stock of where we are in comparison to where we started. What have we learned? What have we excelled at, what have we struggled to do?

This challenge isn’t just about accomplishing our goals, but also building ourselves up so that we can maintain our goals as well. Each week the goal has been to hone our efforts so that we slowly get more and more efficient in achieving.

Week one: Set SMART goals.

Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant Timely.

This is the core of everything we are doing. We set our goals and made them actionable. We should constantly and consistently be acting on our goals.

Week two: Practiced Gratitude

This objective is to embolden us to strive for more. Giving us the momentum to continue on our paths of excellence.

Week three: Established the Scope

The purpose of this exercise was to clear the field so that we can better execute our SMART goals.

Week four: Refraction Test/Examine

This exercise was to identify our own limitations so that we can look for the proper tools to reinforce some of our weaker areas.

Week five and six: Review and Refocus

We review our previous efforts and make sure that we are all still aligned.

Why review:

Reviewing helps with retention. Once we know better, we can do better. Understanding

During my time abroad, I had a lot of time to self-reflect. One day this thought came to me and profoundly changed how I saw things: There is a difference between knowing and understanding, and yet there is still a difference between believing.

It was such a simple yet profound moment for me. (I was a STEM kid once upon a time so bear with me) The best way that I can explain it is this:

We’ve have known since we were in grade school that trees provide oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. Somewhere down the line as our knowledge of science advanced, we learned that plants don’t simply exchange our CO2 for O2. It’s an entire photosynthetic process in which the plant processes CO2 sunlight and water and expels oxygen as a byproduct.

Maybe if you were a Science major in college you delved a little deeper into the anatomy of the plant and realized that there are all of these little openings on the underside of the leaf called stoma that regulate the gas exchange of the leaf. (I don’t know why but that is something that stuck with me from biology).

Your knowledge expands your horizons. Understanding the depth of which we know things. When you understand a concept when you learn or encounter new information (opportunities) you know what to do. But before you can learn or understand, you must believe.

You could never have learned about the intricate processes of plant life without first believing in the information you are receiving was true. When you believe something, you have the confidence and trust that it is true. Belief is often unshakeable and is a pillar of who we all are. Beliefs are the bedrocks of our morals, thought processes and values.

I know photosynthesis isn’t a day-to-day knowledge that you must call on, but when it does come up it’s not something that you have to research to discuss. For example when you buy that house plant, or when you explain to a child why the leaves are change colors, or when you discuss the importance of deforestation's impact on global warming. While you may not recall the process as readily or thoroughly as when you were in school, your belief in the process has remained.

Your belief has arguably a greater impact on you than your understanding ever could. I just wanted to share the realization with you all. I know it hit me like a Mac truck when it settled on me.

With us setting our sights on our goals and doing this challenge we need to believe. I know that it’s a big ask. Hopefully, after the first 4 weeks, I’ve given you enough information to consider buying in. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I know that life is busy and some things may have been ‘unforeseeable’, but our dedication is what is going to keep us focused. There may have been some modules that you just passed over because you didn’t have the time that week, or you said that you would double back at a later date. Okay. Now’s later.

Before we go any further, I want you to try to (if you don’t already) believe that everything we are doing is going to be fruitful. I’ve said it before, your outlook determines your outcome. I need you to focus on all the opportunities. Inevitably, there will be situations where we are encounter setbacks, but that we will take those in stride because it’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last. We must persist.

This week’s tasks are to review the previous exercises and complete any tasks that you feel deserve a bit more of your attention. Next week we will continue to discuss refocus and review, but for now, I will leave you here to reflect on the process so far.

Until Next Time,



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