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What started off as a journey to a new place began a journey of a lifetime. Pella the Pilgrim was started as an online travel journal to share stories and photos of the places I went. As the journeys progressed, the journeys became about more than the sights, food, and music. While those are stories are still an essential part of Pella the Pilgrim, the stories of the people, the experiences, the personal growth became just as relevant. 

Not only is life a journey, but life is full of journeys. Here at Pella the Pilgrim I will share my journeys of Exploring new places, Living and navigating adulthood, and Growing in my own personal development. Whether you enjoy my journey or get inspired to lead your own, thank you for joining me. 

Pella in Greece at Colleseum
Pella climbing a tree.jpg
Pella the pilgrim

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"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for" 

                     - John Augustus Shedd 

Pella the Pilgrim 

The Mission 

My mission is to share my authentic experiences,  and reflections in travel, life, and self-discovery. 

The Vision

My vision is to grow Pella the Pilgrim to a community of journeyers  share and inspire each other's journeys.  


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I really do wish you were here.  Until we do meet up, you can watch my Youtube channel to make it seem like you are. 


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What's a journey without a good playlist? From motivation playlists to songs that are great for the acoustics of a shower.  

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