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About Me

Hello pilgrim,

To those who decide to journey with me, I'd like to extend a warm welcome!


By chance, if we haven't met in person, I think it's great that you have decided to know a little bit about me. I promise— it will help put my content into perspective.

For anyone that is reading this and doesn’t already know me… I am flattered. Pella The Pilgrim started with my family and friends in mind. It was a way for me to keep them up to date with where I was and what I was doing during my first adventure. 

As I traveled the blogs began to include the not just the places I was visiting, but the cultures I was experiencing, and how I was growing as a person.  It became a version of therapy. 

Pella the pilgrim is about life's journeys: travel, life, and self.  

Pella in Greece at Colleseum
Abou Pella .jpg

While I'm not here to "do it for the Gram", my mission is to provide quality content while maintaining the authenticity on which Pella the Pilgrim was founded.  Traveling, for me, has  had more ups than downs, but sometimes my means of transportation will be the 'Struggle Bus'. 


My vision is to grow Pella the Pilgrim to a community of journeyers  share and inspire each other's journeys.  So I encourage interactive and appreciate feedback. 

Happy  travels pilgrims, 


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